potential poem titles

Today I was at a talk given by someone much more integrated into technology than I am, and at one point he mentioned a “blob of data.”

My mind instantly took off, wondering what a poem would be like that had that title. Here’s one absolutely half-a**ed effort:

A Data Blob

In dribs and drabs come bytes

from apples unimagined in our youth.

Ones and zeros congregate to form

vast chains of information set

to tunes and tones and tens

of thousands organizing bits.

Together they will blob

and bob around in space

until some enterprising nob decides

to decode what could just remain

a brick.

See, a bunch of data forms a blob,

and since Yeaworth is not directing, it

will not grow nor eat nor roll.

It contains without shaping.

It holds all those digits, those crumbs, those nibbles,

those bytes

until we can digest it.

And someday we will.


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