Two days until #acwrimo

I can hear the bells, and they are tolling for me.

This term has been a tough one, for a lot of reasons. It has been kicking. my. ass. (At least I’m not alone in that.) So earlier this month I signed up for #acwrimo (a November academic writing twitterfest) as a way to kick myself: into gear, into shape, back into writing for myself. November seemed like a long ways away at the time that I joined up; October seemed long enough, with its 31 days, to allow me to catch up with the piles of grading, the buckets of committee work, the swelling river of private life with its mundane daily tasks that have to get done lest you (ok, I) be swept away.

Oct. 29 and I’m still struggling. But I’m making peace with that. Writing needs to become a part of my daily life, even when that daily life is a bit overwhelming. Even one pomodoro a day moves me closer to my goals.

My goals are over there —–> on the right side of the blog. I hope to cross them off as I go. But I’ll also blog occasionally (and tweet often) about daily accomplishments.

The bells are tolling; I’m excited about the music they make.


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