First day of #acwrimo

And I’ve already done one 30-minute shift!

Today’s work: editing/revising my “telenovela in primetime” article. Working on it this morning reminds me of (a) how easy it is to fit a good amount of editing and revision into a short amount of time; (b) how excited I am about the work I’m doing in this piece. Just to give a taste of how I position myself in this study, here’s a snippet from the introduction:

In 1998 I was roused from my zoned-out sitcom slumber when a Caroline in the City’s character remarked, after offering a particularly melodramatic solution to another character’s quandary, “Am I the only one who watches Mexican television?!” In that moment, two of my worlds collided in ways that I had never expected. I was accustomed to watching American television in Mexico: bad dubbing, check! And I was used to the segmented marketing of channels like Univisión that delivered Latin American telenovelas to me in the U.S. But here was evidence that white, English-speaking Americans–that the Hollywood industry–knew about Mexican telenovelas; indeed, they knew enough about them to make the act of watching them the punch line of a joke.

(obligatory note: this is a draft. please do not cite or quote without permission.)


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