#AcWriMo2014? #AcWriMo2014!

Uncountable times this term a friend or colleague has asked, “how are classes going?” To which I’ve gotten a chance to reply, “I’ve got a course release. I’m doing administrative work and, yay!, research!” And over the last six months, I  have carved out significant time for research/writing and some of that has resulted in good, countable products:

  • an administrative report for the program that I’m running
  • a revised curriculum for that same program
  • a paper (that will be part of a larger project) given in July at our first ever Latino Studies Conference
  • a revise-and-resubmit finally resubmitted –honestly, the paper is radically different than where it started and, thanks to external reviewers, scads better
  • an abstract submitted for a conference next spring (cross fingers!)

And before next week is over, I’ll have given a paper at the American Studies Association that also is part of my larger (whisper: book!) project.

In other words, I’ve got a good research/writing rhythm going… so why do this thing called AcWriMo? The best thing about AcWriMo, as far as I’m concerned, is the chance to be part of a large community of scholars who are intentional about their writing and generous with their support. You sign up on a google doc, set your goals, and then stay accountable.

But I have to be honest. The real reason that I’m doing it this year is because my colleague @drcsiz is doing it. And it’s always easier to stay accountable to people I know than to the anonymous twitterverse. I’m hoping a couple other fabulous Carleton folks will join us.

My goals are manageable, I think:

  • finish up my paper for the ASA (I present on Nov. 8)
  • read for and write up a large book review (covering 5 books that tackle beauty in Latin America)
  • revise and resubmit an essay
  • blog post for a collective blog

I want to make sure I’m reading/writing every day…so November is going to be my “work a little each day” month, even though weekdays will be more intensive and focused. The challenge here is both of my trips. The ASA will feel like exciting work –hearing everybody else’s wonderful presentations–but I want to carve out those 30 min. a day for my projects. And then, of course, there’s Thanksgiving, where I will need to balance family and work.

I’ll be on twitter (@adriana_estill), staying accountable. See you there?


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