#AcWriMo 2015

It is that time of year again. No, not winter (gah), or holiday season (yeep!), but November, the month when writers, whether novelists or academics, try to keep on track. (I suppose it’s also mustache month, but I can’t really do much with that one.)

I will be on twitter for #AcWriMo, working on two essays (one revise and resubmit; one submit) and a chapter of my monograph that I might want to spin off and submit to a journal. But really, like every November, my main goal is to have a consistent research/writing practice in my life. It’s very easy, when inundated with teaching, committees, and advising, to let research fall away. #AcWriMo helps me pick it back up and make it a daily habit.

Two great things about #AcWriMo: (1) you get to see the community of academic writers, all working on their various awesome projects; (2) fabulous early developers and adopters of the program established 6 basic rules that really help people (me, definitely!) stay on track with writing. They mostly have to do with being public about goals (my two essays); strategies (2-3 pomodoros of writing per day); and accountability (my updates on the #AcWriMo spreadsheet and on twitter (@adriana_estill)).

I won’t be updating here on the blog much. Another great thing about #AcWriMo is that it encourages you to be self-reflective about which practices work best for you and which don’t. It took me two years, but this year I recognize that having to update here on my blog is counterproductive for me. Instead, I have a private kanbanflow that allows me to prioritize my energies, see where I am, and use a pomodoro clock to log my work.

I’m looking forward to connecting with other academics on twitter–hope to see you there!


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