Lots of prompts available today, March 2, 2017. News about Jeff Sessions speaking with the Russian ambassador before the election; waves still coming post-Oscar oopsie; Rep. Jared Polis counters VOICE (argh!) with SAINT; in the past week, four transgender women have been murdered (seven since the start of the year); all sorts of stories of CPB, ICE, and Homeland Security detentions, many without rationale; a 197% increase in anti-Muslim hate groups since 2015. On the culture side, one of my fave shows, Buffy, is getting love. In class, we finished reading Alexandra Vazquez’s beautiful, challenging Listening in Detail. We lost our curling match…nay, we were trounced in our curling match.


“Unintended targets appear to be getting caught in the crosshairs of Trump’s policies.” Feb. 28, 2017.
“The audiences of the then and there and the here and now are invited to take up the invitation, not to cross from a here to a there, but to get down and get down together.” Listening in Detail, p. 234. (Check out the concert Vazquez is discussing.)


Caught in the crosshairs of Trump’s policies, they cry.

How can we take up the invitation, without fear, and

Get down together, not stand idly by?


Some say that those who march, protest, and testify

get paid; they seem to think our choice to take a stand

has nothing to do with Trump’s policies, they cry.


Don’t blame the policies, they speechify;

collateral damage follows the nation’s demand.

The country, in need, cannot stand idly by.


The policies make us safer, if we just comply,

they say. I don’t believe that’s true; I scan

the news daily. Reading of those caught in Trump’s policies, I cry.


In the crosshairs, the most vulnerable wait for bullets to let fly.

Would you save your son? Move your body to withstand

the volley? Get down, together, not stand idly by?


Make no mistake, those vulnerable are being crucified,

scapegoated, their Americanness questioned, made second-hand.

Caught in the crosshairs of Trump’s policies, they cry.

So solidarity calls: get down together, don’t stand idly by.



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