the art of lists

March 6, 2017.

Today, Ben Carson called slaves “immigrants”; 45 put out a new executive order that continues the rhetorical work of demonizing non-citizens, particularly those in brown bodies, and projecting fears of terrorism onto them. More locally, I got feedback from my writing group, attended a few meetings, and then had drinks with friends who made my brain come alive with talk of lists and liminality.

the art of lists

Lists guard my day, making sure I don't fall off the edges
brush your teeth
eat breakfast
call the dentist
self-care is hard, sometimes. lists make sure that I don't forget
wash behind your ears
buy cashew milk
daily lists balloon into weekly lists. they're just as important:
pay the utility bill
take out the trash
vacuum the living room
days that I know will be hard, I make sure to be even more directive
brush your teeth while standing up
eat something nutritious for breakfast
make sure that your phone works

The lists line my days, paving my way, keeping me in step.

At night my lists don't work, no matter how explicit I am:
dream in techni-color
rest well
don't panic
don't have nightmares
wake up

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