Even When They Say No

March 10 2017

Last day of winter term classes–super cold day, several meetings, but then dinner at home with my students!

I was cleaning up my office a bit and found “The Low Road” by Marge Piercy which includes these lines:

It goes on one at a time,
it starts when you care
to act, it starts when you do
it again and they said no,
it starts when you say We
and know who you mean, and each
day you mean one more.

In that spirit:

Even When They Say No
your mind on auto pilot
until one day you wake up look around stand up
with no idea what to do.

trust that dance line with
the whole world in their hands saying act up
you owe us that much

you owe us hope you owe
us we. We mean you belong if you’ll listen up
and then act

even when they say no.



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